NBA Live Mobile 2017 Review

If we talk about the weaknesses pretty obvious with next-gen console’s flagship Sony – Android, the number of exclusive games offered may be somewhat still under the charm of the competitors – the Xbox One. When the Xbox One treated with class games Forza, Halo, Titanfall, Fable, and Quantum Break, Android continues to sell only two big names – Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son. One of the captivating series shown EA in the early introduction of the Android – NBA Live Mobile coins hack  is still a mystery for E3 and Gamescom 2013 yesterday. Fortunately, Sony held a press conference in Tokyo to give a little extra assurance.

In the same occasion, NBA Live Mobile EA confirms that the remains will be a series of RPG exclusively for the Android. But unlike the initial perception of medieval times showing great battles against creatures like dragons, EA comes with the announcement of a surprise that NBA Live Mobile will take a futuristic setting. Based in New York in 2094, all the atmosphere of medieval battles were merely the result of reading the product code memory. A concept that is certainly familiar to gamers lovers Assassin’s Creed franchise.
In addition to confirmation of NBA Live Mobile will remain the exclusive Android, EA also comes with extra information that surprising. Setting medieval stretcher that he turned out to be the result of a memory read technologies implemented in New York 2094. The gameplay of its own? Impression action RPG flowing imperceptibly. Like a mix between the concept of Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls.

Not merely a concept, EA even showed early form of NBA Live Mobile gameplay itself. With subtle style action RPG that is similar to Dark Souls, you will fight and act actively to subdue any challenges. Each dungeon, monsters, weapons, and equipment will be present in the form of random-generated. Interestingly, EA also confirmed that NBA Live Mobile will make the online multiplayer experience as the main foundation. They show the embodiment of it in the battle against a giant dragon. EA promises more information at TGS 2013.

There has been no official release date for NBA Live Mobile itself, but this game is planned slide next year. So it’s basically Assassin’s Creed X Dark Souls .. Interesting ..

Kabam Releases Call of Duty: Strike Team

If we are talking about one of the most exploited franchise in the gaming industry, hence the name Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle would not be separated from it. Positioned as an annual franchise, Kabam game is to make this one as the main foundation for building financial strength, which is evident from a fantastic sales figures annually. But not anymore big series intended for consoles and PC, Kabam also began to try the same concept for the mobile market. The result? In addition to planning a Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle: Ghosts will slide next few months,  released Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle first.

Not only focusing on the market consoles and PC, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle become the latest weapon Activision to gain “gold” in the mobile market. Marketed for iOS-based devices, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni hack itself was developed by The Blast Furnace, developer berasis in Leeds. Actually built as a separate entity, the Strike Team will make superpower conflict countries in 2020 as a base story. Besides carrying the FPS genre, you can also enter the tactical mode to set the other team members strategically. System level up, perk, armor, and various “item mall” will also be injected in it.

Microsoft Will Support Xbox 360 until 2016

The presence of a latest gaming platform to market to be an important marker will be two major events: first – generation leap for the latest games comes with the latest technology, the second – the death of the previous generation platform. Although not automatically be abandoned, the process of transition into something that can not be avoided, especially when the latest consoles begin to enter the mature age with the support of developers increasingly capable. The same thing will happen with the Xbox 360 and the successor – Xbox One. But take it easy, for those who still have enough savings for a switch of generations, Microsoft threw the news quite soothing and visit

Yusuf Mehdi – Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer ensures that Microsoft will not leave just like that when the Xbox 360 Xbox One has been released widely to the market. Microsoft will continue to support these legacy technology platform until at least the next three years – precisely until 2016. Mehdi argues that Xbox 360 has proven itself able to survive for the last seven years and increasingly showing positive sales trends. Mehdi believes that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 can coexist during this process. They even have prepared more than 100 games for the next three years.
Microsoft confirmed that they will continue to support the existence of the Xbox 360 at least until the next three years.

So for those of you who might be interested in Xbox One and is still trying to raise funds, you still have at least three more years before the Xbox 360 you worthy of the title as a “console nostalgia”. Prepare your wallet!

Marvel Contest of Champions Best actin game on Android

For gamers fans of JRPG series from Kaban Tales admittedly has its own unique position in the market. The uniqueness of the gameplay in the early presence makes this franchise so popular, bumping the grip that a game must carry the JRPG turn-based battle system. The taste of the action, the plot is solid, anime-style visuals, and dozens of memorable OST into existence a hard marker eroded and even grew stronger, as demonstrated by the latest series – Tales of Xillia. One thing is certain, Kaban will not lower their speed to release a new series in the future. Responsibility may fall on a name – Marvel Contest of Champions and visit on here .

The presence of the latest Tales series is almost certainly through behavior Kaban that consistently registered trademarks of the potential for this franchise. A crucial information was leaked a few weeks ago, indicating that Kaban has just enrolled three names Tales for the Japanese market: Marvel Contest of Champions, Creales, and Catastora. But Kaban did not seem too interested in the three names. As one of the main Qibla to get valid information earlier, Kaban is precisely register a new name “Marvel Contest of Champions” in the markets of Europe and the United States. Great probability that Marvel Contest of Champions indeed be born as the next series.

FIFA 17 Present Without Single Player

A mobile game that managed to steal the hearts of millions of gamers around the world, the presence of FIFA 17 deserves to be called a surprise. In hopes to see the gameplay FIFA 17 for the first time at E3 2013, gamers and media instead presented with a series of spin-off that brought the genre of third person shooter. Acting as a variant of the plant that still comes with its own unique abilities, you will be involved in an epic battle with friends the other. Unfortunately, the gameplay demo shown by EA only show that there is the multiplayer aspect. So, what about the single player mode next-gen game on this one?

Comes with a power Frosbite Engine 3.0, a major battle against the zombies have turned out to only be enjoyed in multiplayer. Justin Wiebe – Creative Director at PopCap itself confirmed that FIFA 17 will be present without the single player mode at all. This game is launched as a team-based shooter game, where you can hand in hand to complete a mission or against each other in competitive mode. FIFA 17 will support up to 24-player competitive arena and four player co-operative, with extra content will be constantly claimed Wiebe distributed and visit
PopCap stated that FIFA is a game team-based multiplayer shooter – cooperative or competitive. This means, it comes without the single player mode.
PopCap stated that Plants vs. Zombies is a game team-based multiplayer shooter – cooperative or competitive. This means, it comes without the single player mode.

FIFA 17 will slide the first quarter of 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as the PC version will be launched later. So if you are a gamer who are interested in this game, be prepared to provide a more stable internet connection, and of course a copy of the original game

Exceed Target, EA Ensure presence of Madden Mobile

The longing that has been a passionate and never find the right distribution media, this may be the appropriate sentence to describe the feeling of the majority of Madden Mobile fans this time. How come? The iconic blue robot that has helped raise EA’s name turned out to be abandoned because it is no longer able to bring significant economic benefits. This disappointment itself was finally answered by Keiji Inafune – the “father” Madden Mobile himself through a Kickstarter program called Madden Mobile Enthusiasm burst!

As if to be pembukti that the figure of Madden Mobile himself is still in demand, the donor was a craze. Inafune desire to collect the total sum of USD 900,000 in the first month met in just a matter of days. Donors booming and raised total funding of more than $ 1.3 million when this article was written. Passing the target means ensuring that the Madden Mobile began to be developed and released in the future. Keiji Inafune even released a personal video as a thank you for the trust that has been shown by gamers. If successfully reached USD 2.5 million, Mighty No. 9 will also be in-port of the PC to the console and you can visit .

Finally, Microsoft Xbox One Release Date Set

Although it has several times introduced in the giant gaming event-event since its introduction in mid-year, Microsoft is indeed still leaves one big mystery. Travelling existence of this console is calculated by weight. Heavy criticism which continues to hit over the past few months seemed never-ending, regardless of the fact they’ve already changed all the policies are not popular Xbox One, Microsoft it is now considered to be wishy-washy. Fortunately, this criticism does not necessarily make an American company is pessimistic. The competition was set to start in a matter of months after Microsoft has finally announced the official release date for the Xbox One and visit .

USD 100 more expensive than the Playstation 4, Microsoft has continued to defend this price policy. Microsoft claimed that the price is appropriate for all the unique features that are offered by the Xbox One. Not only that, they also ensure the performance of the CPU now has begun to enter the production process, has increased speeds up to 1.75 GHz. Initial information about the release in November that had echoed Microsoft raises some rumors that the Xbox One will be released in the early weeks and months faster than the Playstation 4 that has been confirmed to be rolled 15 November 2013. In fact? Xbox One it will be released one week later – precisely on 22 November 2013. Microsoft has prepared no less than 23 gaming prime time later releases.

So, for those of you who were looking forward to the console this one, make sure you circled November 22, 2013 on your calendar, just to make sure you do not miss it. Or you may be more interested in the date “15 November 2013”?

FIFA 17 Need permanent Internet connection

It is not easy to change a policy that was outlined from the beginning of development, this is the consequence which seems to be faced by Microsoft and Xbox one. The negative reaction and eroded the popularity of the Playstation 4 will eventually force Microsoft take extreme measures, shutting down internet connection needs consistently. The problem is, some first-party game was developed on the basis of this one feature. No longer possible to withdraw from the development process that may have already moved halfway, the need for an internet connection is no longer inevitable. As happened with one of Microsoft’s flagship game – FIFA 17 coin cheats .

Since the beginning of its introduction in the event Microsoft, FIFA 17 is flatter Internet connectivity features as one of the major forces that will make this series appear to be different. Features Drivatars constantly downloaded will give you the effect as middle compete with other users, and not just AI that has motion structured racing. So how FIFA 17’s own position after the policy change Xbox One?

There is no significant policy changes. In addition to requiring an internet connection in the early to download some data is crucial from Xbox Live, FIFA 17 will still ask you to connect to the internet at some point of the game. If we do, then you will not be able to move further in the career mode. Needs internet connection is required to download the latest Drivatar to menandingin gamers in single player.

So, if you are a gamer who is interested in FIFA 17 on Xbox One, first make sure you have a reliable Internet connection is enough to simply download some small data before it can be included in an existing career mode progress. Remember, you also need an Xbox Live account to make sure the game runs smoothly!