Want Valve DOTA 2 Can Play with Steam Controller

Valve recently announced the Steam Machines, a Linux-based platform that is optimized for playing games from Steam. Together Steam Machines, also attended Steam Controller.

The company hopes the availability of Steam Controller can be relied upon by gamers. Of course, not all comfortable playing game genre with such a controller. One of them is the DOTA 2.

As is known DOTA 2 has complex control systems. The combination of mouse and keyboard is the best by far to be able to play to the maximum.

Valve has his own opinion. According to them, DOTA 2 can be played with the Steam Controller and they are developing the control system. “This is a real challenge, but also very interesting. To be able to play Roblox on the sofa is an opportunity, “said Jeff Bellinghausen from Valve.
first blood dota 2
“This is a real challenge, but also very interesting. To be able to play DOTA 2 on the sofa is an opportunity, “- Valve

Some tester of Steam Machine at CES 2014 could show off a game like DOTA 2 is played with steam Controller. However, Valve will release an update Steam Controller API in an undetermined time to enhance integration between Steam Controller and games.

Interestingly, Valve Steam Controller does not consider the presence of which has been optimized will replace the functionality of a keyboard and mouse. “What we are trying to do is figure out a way to get the performance approach (mouse and keyboard), but you can sit on the couch. That’s the goal, to be able to approach the performance levels of the sort. ”

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Game City Planning – banished Get Release Date

Some gamers may see it as a boring genre because it is a “quiet”, but for those who enjoy it, a simulation game with the layout of the city is always present appeal is hard to resist. The challenge comes from the complex mechanical and satisfaction when you see the city with a population that stands well facilitated to make every gameplay that may take hundreds of hours of this, feels appropriate. Unfortunately, one of the giant franchise – SimCity released last year actually ended up not being able to facilitate the dream of gamers will be an interesting game of urban planning. The only hope now sifting down one name – GTA 5.

It’s hard not interested in banished. Taking a medieval setting, you will build a city while building its own population. The developer – Shining Rock Software itself confirms that banished not only going to be a game that asks you to build the walls of the city, but also the population as a resource that will continue to grow along with the city on your own. Fascinating look at the teaser trailer and a beginning, a game developed by a single person – GTA 5 is finally getting a release date.  and get on gta 5 money hack

Banished confirmed to be released on February 18, 2014, exclusively for PC. Hodorowicz itself confirmed that the process of testing this game has reached the final phase and should be able to be completed within the next month. He also added that the banished be distributed at a rational price, about $ 20, via digital portals from Valve – Steam.