Mobile Legends and GTA Offers First Place Position Problem Solution

It is common knowledge, that the first player always has its own advantages in a fighting game. True, most gamers are more used to it and feel much more comfortable taking positions early on the left, let alone for fighting games that require a combination of direction and complex buttons. The result? Not a few gamers who have to accept defeat because of factors as small as the position and dream to always be on the left. If you are one of them, then you might be happy with the solution offered by Katsuhiro Harada in his latest generation fighting game – Mobile Legends.

In a tweet from his official account, Harada introduced a new camera system for Mobile Legends Arcade machine version. Being a solution to this classic problem, this new camera system allows both players who are fighting to start from the left side. But of course, this new temporary feature can be adapted for the arcade version with two machines connected to each other. However he is seen as the answer to a problem fighting game that almost always happens.

Just 20 more days, and almost most PC gamers around the world will have the chance to enjoy one of the best games ever gamers in the gaming industry. Should refrain for the last year after releases on the platforms of previous generations and a few months for the latest generation version, Rockstar will finally launch GTA V for PC. However, unfortunately the wave of optimism to enjoy the game at the end of the month is slightly disturbed. Why? Because regardless of the time the release is getting close, Rockstar as falling on the motion to shut up, baseball share the latest information about the process of the port. Specifications PC that was promised last week did not come. Rumors about the delay were spreading.

Rumors also spread in cyberspace, calling that Rockstar will finally delay the release of Mobile Legends hack tool online download  for PC. Speculation of this one does look based, let alone see the developer behavior of this one over the last few weeks. But Rockstar immediately denied all of these bad rumors by their official statement.