Exceed Target, EA Ensure presence of Madden Mobile

The longing that has been a passionate and never find the right distribution media, this may be the appropriate sentence to describe the feeling of the majority of Madden Mobile fans this time. How come? The iconic blue robot that has helped raise EA’s name turned out to be abandoned because it is no longer able to bring significant economic benefits. This disappointment itself was finally answered by Keiji Inafune – the “father” Madden Mobile himself through a Kickstarter program called Madden Mobile Enthusiasm burst!

As if to be pembukti that the figure of Madden Mobile himself is still in demand, the donor was a craze. Inafune desire to collect the total sum of USD 900,000 in the first month met in just a matter of days. Donors booming and raised total funding of more than $ 1.3 million when this article was written. Passing the target means ensuring that the Madden Mobile began to be developed and released in the future. Keiji Inafune even released a personal video as a thank you for the trust that has been shown by gamers. If successfully reached USD 2.5 million, Mighty No. 9 will also be in-port of the PC to the console and you can visit  madden-mobile-hacks.com .

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