FIFA 17 Need permanent Internet connection

It is not easy to change a policy that was outlined from the beginning of development, this is the consequence which seems to be faced by Microsoft and Xbox one. The negative reaction and eroded the popularity of the Playstation 4 will eventually force Microsoft take extreme measures, shutting down internet connection needs consistently. The problem is, some first-party game was developed on the basis of this one feature. No longer possible to withdraw from the development process that may have already moved halfway, the need for an internet connection is no longer inevitable. As happened with one of Microsoft’s flagship game – FIFA 17 coin cheats .

Since the beginning of its introduction in the event Microsoft, FIFA 17 is flatter Internet connectivity features as one of the major forces that will make this series appear to be different. Features Drivatars constantly downloaded will give you the effect as middle compete with other users, and not just AI that has motion structured racing. So how FIFA 17’s own position after the policy change Xbox One?

There is no significant policy changes. In addition to requiring an internet connection in the early to download some data is crucial from Xbox Live, FIFA 17 will still ask you to connect to the internet at some point of the game. If we do, then you will not be able to move further in the career mode. Needs internet connection is required to download the latest Drivatar to menandingin gamers in single player.

So, if you are a gamer who is interested in FIFA 17 on Xbox One, first make sure you have a reliable Internet connection is enough to simply download some small data before it can be included in an existing career mode progress. Remember, you also need an Xbox Live account to make sure the game runs smoothly!

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