Kabam Releases Call of Duty: Strike Team

If we are talking about one of the most exploited franchise in the gaming industry, hence the name Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle would not be separated from it. Positioned as an annual franchise, Kabam game is to make this one as the main foundation for building financial strength, which is evident from a fantastic sales figures annually. But not anymore big series intended for consoles and PC, Kabam also began to try the same concept for the mobile market. The result? In addition to planning a Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle: Ghosts will slide next few months,  released Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle first.

Not only focusing on the market consoles and PC, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle become the latest weapon Activision to gain “gold” in the mobile market. Marketed for iOS-based devices, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni hack itself was developed by The Blast Furnace, developer berasis in Leeds. Actually built as a separate entity, the Strike Team will make superpower conflict countries in 2020 as a base story. Besides carrying the FPS genre, you can also enter the tactical mode to set the other team members strategically. System level up, perk, armor, and various “item mall” will also be injected in it.

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