Konami Allow First Metal Gear Remake Fans

Dedication and love, these two words that may sound like this cliche, has always been a tremendous motivation for the fans to ensure their favorite game project continues to survive. Unlike developers who have more obvious economic interests and of course the need to meet the demands of the market, games fanfare games are usually made to simply satisfy the curiosity or dreams that have been awakened since long. Departing from this same feeling, a group of amateur developers РOuter Heaven asked permission to rebuild the First Mobile legends  series to Konami. Permission is finally slid! Konami gives you a green light.

Metal Gear First? We are not talking about the first Metal Gear Solid that existed in the Playstation era, but the first Metal Gear series Kojima concoction in 1988 ago. The series of games that glide in the era of NES is indeed quite phenomenal thanks to the implementation of stealth-based gameplay is obvious, regardless of the two-dimensional visualization that he offers. This series is what he wanted to re-create by Outer Heaven and finally get direct approval from Konami. Do not hold back, this team of developers immediately seek additional power, especially for level designers, texture, voice actors, and more.

However, Konami also throws heavy terms as compensation for this permit. Outer Heaven is forbidden to profit a dime from this project and open a donation page to fund it. However, ¬†Mobile legends diamonds generator¬† also insisted that they would give more “attention” to the project if it did attract great attention. Konami will bring this fan remake game even further, though not explained in detail.

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