Microsoft Will Support Xbox 360 until 2016

The presence of a latest gaming platform to market to be an important marker will be two major events: first – generation leap for the latest games comes with the latest technology, the second – the death of the previous generation platform. Although not automatically be abandoned, the process of transition into something that can not be avoided, especially when the latest consoles begin to enter the mature age with the support of developers increasingly capable. The same thing will happen with the Xbox 360 and the successor – Xbox One. But take it easy, for those who still have enough savings for a switch of generations, Microsoft threw the news quite soothing and visit

Yusuf Mehdi – Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer ensures that Microsoft will not leave just like that when the Xbox 360 Xbox One has been released widely to the market. Microsoft will continue to support these legacy technology platform until at least the next three years – precisely until 2016. Mehdi argues that Xbox 360 has proven itself able to survive for the last seven years and increasingly showing positive sales trends. Mehdi believes that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 can coexist during this process. They even have prepared more than 100 games for the next three years.
Microsoft confirmed that they will continue to support the existence of the Xbox 360 at least until the next three years.

So for those of you who might be interested in Xbox One and is still trying to raise funds, you still have at least three more years before the Xbox 360 you worthy of the title as a “console nostalgia”. Prepare your wallet!

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