Resident Evil: Vendetta Reviews

And after checking back check, in fact, in addition to this movie, until this writing is revealed still running, also the film is actually displayed on the network of other Blitz CGV (Botabek). So, for the Kotakers who live in the Botabek area (in particular, Bekasi) and until now have not witnessed, check-check to the official site of NBA Live Mobile or Cinemaxx closest to you.

Who knows, when this article was revealed, the film is still running. Okay, after giving the little announcement, let us now start this review. But before, we know if this movie is worth it to watch or not, let’s take a flashback to the main plot of this third Resident Evil CGI movie.

So, the movie, written by Makoto Fukami, sets the scene between Resident Evil 6 (2012) and Resident Evil 7 (2017) events. And this film focuses on the efforts of BSAA agents who are also veterans of RE franchise Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman) who must stop Merchant of Death, Glenn Arias (Alexander Polinsky) who wants to spread deadly viruses across the United States (including New York), or better known as The NBA Live Mobile Hack .

However, realizing that this action by Arias has something to do with one of the enemies that Leon S Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) once faced, Chris also had no choice but to work with his former younger brother in Resident Evil 2 (1998).

However, in the midst of both are busy to catch Arias, suddenly Chris and Leon busy again with the abduction of Chris’s old friend who has now become a Professor / scientist qualified, Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill) who suddenly kidnapped by Arias and his men .
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Why did Arias kidnap Rebecca? And what is the real Arias motive, to the extent that he can do this heinous act? Well, of course to find out the answer, Kotakers must watch the movie itself. Okay, let’s now start assessing this movie.

Is overall, Resident Evil: Vendetta, worth watching for? Well, if Kotakers is a big fan of RE, KotGa Crews can assure you, you will enjoy with this movie. And it is certainly because, like in the previous CG CG movie, Resident Evil: Damnation (2012), Vendetta still featuring a combination of action and jump-scare is enough to make your own excited surprise when watching it.

Of course, the element of surprise-a good surprise is not separated from Tsujimoto deg-deg in-your-face styling style is very qualified. Anyway, every time there is a scene that displays the characters in this movie being alone somewhere and there are zombies who target, guaranteed you will be tense and shocked yourself when watching it.

Tension was even more felt with the striking scoring of Kenji Kawai (Death Note). And this element of tension is certainly sought by us-we are notabene RE hardcore fans. But in addition to feeling the tension, at the same time, we will also feel amazed themselves when watching this movie.
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And the admiration is all-out-factoried by the 3-D animated display in this movie that is very top notch. Anyway his 3D animation really looks realistic. Yes indeed, now has a lot of 3-D animated display of the same or perhaps more real than that shown in this movie. However, for the size of a CG RE movie, this is probably the best 3-D animation so far. But apart so, unfortunately ya, sometimes cool appearance of this animation, unbalanced.

Alias ​​at one time, we watched an animated display of one of the characters that actually looks like we are acting live-action actors (real) but at other times, we see a character animation display that does look like 3-D animated video games in general .

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