Square Enix Begins Extra Employee Recruits for Kingdom Hearts 3

Dilemma, this might be the right word to describe most of the gamer’s feelings when talking about Square Enix. Despite the fact that he managed to launch so many cool games through their western-based developers, the games that Square Enix is ​​currently working on often turn out to be unclear. Just look at how Final Fantasy XV, which has been through the development process for years, has not yet shown the bridge of its nose. Coupled with the Kingdom Hearts 3 project that has been announced far away, there is a sense of pessimism that we will see these two games in the next few years. But dragon ball z dokkan battle hack does not seem to be slowing down.

With the focus of the divided team to complete the two gigantic gaming projects, Square Enix has finally started to open new job vacancies to recruit new, especially for Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix looks for a UI designer that will handle user-interface KH 3, Technical Artist As the person in charge of high definition visual quality, and Network Programmer who will handle how the system “talks” to each other. The latter position is of course quite interesting, as if opening the possibility dragon ball z dokkan battle   3 will come with an unconfirmed online mode to date.

Unfortunately, regardless of the open job openings, Square Enix itself is still silent about how far the development process has been running. Hopefully this will end up being a game that we can enjoy in the next few years, and not just a false giver for extra decades to come.

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